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When it comes to selecting a master agency, there are a lot of choices. How do you know which master agent is right for your new or existing business or agency? The majority of masters have similar offerings in terms of their portfolios, commission structure and resources. They promise to provide you with the support, training and resources you need to grow your agency. GCG takes a different approach by offering a unique model that provides the ultimate in flexibility.

Powerful Sales Tools

Knowledge is power. Ignite Sales App empowers agents with the technical resources needed to be successful in the field. Ignite includes everything from internal documents to contracts, training, educational resources, supplier profiles, client questionnaires, solution recommendations, and digital marketing campaigns.

Centralized Engineering

It takes more than owning the client relationship to be a successful agent. You have to make the right recommendations for your clients based on their challenges and requirements. That’s why we developed a centralized engineering platform that help agents with the technical aspects of finding the right solutions for their clients.

Comprehensive Portfolio

Want to bring the best suppliers to the table for your clients? GCG offers 100+ technology suppliers that have been fully-vetted based on their solution offerings, capabilities, and market presence. We evaluate suppliers on a regular basis and rank them based on performance. This is available to our agents.

Flexible Programs

Not all agents have the technical background or time to be fully engaged in their client accounts during the sales lifecycle. For that reason, we’ve created flexible agent programs with different levels of involvement. Agent programs include referral-based, traditional, and clearing house styled agent models.

Strong Brand Recognition

Why start from scratch and recreate the wheel when you can leverage an established brand with a trusted reputation? Traditional GCG Agents are authorized to carry the GCG logo and leverage marketing materials including business cards, brochures, and power points customized with your contact information.

Competitive Commissions

Get paid competitive commission structure based on the agent model you select and your level of involvement in the sales lifecycle. GCG has negotiated the highest commission payouts based on our sales volume and reputation in the market. Learn more about our commission rates by contacting us.

What They’re Saying About Our Program

CEO & Founder

“I founded GCG with the goal of building the most successful, trusted, and respected master agency in the industry. My focus is on recruiting the very best agents and VARs to join GCG.”

Joel St.Germain

Senior VP of Sales & Engineering

“As Senior VP of Sales and Engineering, I’m dedicated to providing the technical sales support and resources needed to help agents win sales opportunities and build a successful agency.”

Mike Allen

VP of Product Development

“As VP of Product Development, I’m continuously focused on working with our agents to develop sales apps, websites, and resources that will drive efficiency and close more business.”

David Van Laecke

Senior Consultant

“GCG offers the suppliers, back-office resources, and engineering support needed to run a very successful agency. I’ve grown my business into one of the largest agencies under the GCG umbrella.”

Chris Newell

Global Account Director

“There’s a tremendous opportunity in our industry as business technologies evolve and the channel becomes increasingly friendly to agents. GCG is poised to grow exponentially.”

Leslie Bonsett

Global Technology Consultant

“It’s rewarding running my agency under GCG. I’m able to build a successful agency and help my clients solve their complex IT challenges with an unrivaled solution offering.”

Gerald Romano

Account Executive

“This was one of the best things that I could have done for my career. I have more opportunity now to grow by business. I’m able to set my schedule, build my agency, and earn more with GCG. “

Troy Connell

Global Account Director

“This has been a fantastic opportunity. I’m able to help my clients as a trusted adviser for their technologies while building a successful agency that affords me the ability to be my own boss.”

Rowena Hilton

Global Account Manager

“I can’t imagine working with another master agency. GCG has the solutions, suppliers, and technical sales and engineering support I need to be successful as an agent.”

Yogi Simms

Become An Agent

Want to sell Next-Generation of IT Solutions? GCG is actively recruiting sales professionals to build their own agencies. GCG has a 15+ year proven track record for producing successful agents and adding income streams for VARs in the channel. It’s our sales enablement – technical sales tools, centralized engineering, back office support, and supplier portfolio that sets us apart from other master agencies.

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