By 2019, 86% of Workloads Will Be Processed By The Cloud.


While it may be easy to purchase online, public cloud may not always be your best option. We’ve all heard the stories – out of control spending, shadow IT, and vendor lock-in. Avoid these costly scenarios and others by consulting with GCG. We’ll walk you through the technical aspects of public cloud and help find the right solutions for your needs – with advice from networking, security and virtualization experts along the way.


There’s risk in most cloud services. What if there wasn’t? Private cloud offers the control, flexibility, and increased security you are accustom to with physical servers and hardware. That’s why the majority of large business and enterprises select private cloud environments for their IT infrastructure. GCG delivers highly customized, secure, and reliable private cloud infrastructure from all of the major cloud companies.


Not all applications belong in a private cloud environment. Same is true for public cloud and physical servers and storage. It’s a balance of cost, security, and performance. Which applications are right for private cloud? Use public cloud to reduce costs? Do you require colocation? GCG helps answer these questions. Start with a cloud assessment that creates an inventory of you infrastructure and documents your usage, and security.


It’s everything from cloud servers to storage, network, and operating systems. IaaS delivers the virtualization infrastructure you need to run your applications, access and store data in the cloud. GCG represents all of the major cloud companies including AWS, Microsoft, and Google. As a trusted partner, we’ll advise you on all aspects of your your project – cloud architecture, providers, and solutions based on your requirements and budget.


Days of purchasing software, installing it on your computer and using it for years are over. SaaS is the go forward distribution model for software. GCG can help you embrace the benefits of SaaS including licensing, collaboration, mobility, and backup. We represent all of the major providers and software like Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps for Business, and Salesforce.com. Learn how your business can benefit.


Need to build, test, manage, and run applications in the cloud? Building an app or multiple apps for streaming video, social networking, IPTV, VoIP, SaaS, and more? PaaS is the platform for dev and live deployments. GCG represents major cloud PaaS providers including Force.com, Google App Engine, and Microsoft Azure. With cloud PaaS, developers will have nothing to worry about other than their applications.


Streamline management and costs by consolidating and centralizing your desktop infrastructure with cloud DaaS. Distribute virtualized desktops and software over the internet rather than on localized hardware. It’s a technology that is changing the way that businesses and employees work, collaborate, and communicate. With DaaS, employees have the freedom to access their virtual desktop anytime, from anywhere, on any device.


UCaaS is the simple, cost-effective way to communicate and collaborate. Boost employee productivity with the tools they need to do their jobs effectively. Cloud UCaaS includes services like voice calling, email, faxing, chat, messaging, texting, social media management, conferencing, customer support, contact center, and more. Did we mention that it has powerful analytics and recording features. GCG specializes in UCaaS for call centers and businesses.


This could be the most important decisions you make. Only 35% of SMBs have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place. On average, companies lose an average of $90,000 for every hour of downtime. Sleep better at night with DRaaS. GCG offers the best cloud DRaaS solutions, software and providers for your business – Microsoft Azure Backup and Site Recovery to Zerto Cloud DR, AWS for Disaster Recovery, iland, and Evolve IP.

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