Leadership, Agents & Back Office

Executive Leadership

Joel St.Germain


Joel St.Germain is the CEO of GCG and founded the company in 2002. He is responsible for creating, communicating, and implementing the vision, mission, and overall direction for the company. He determines overall strategy and directs management to execute on their strategic plans. He also maintains relationships with clients, agents, and suppliers. Joel runs and serves as chairman for the Global Care Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Mike Allen

VP of Sales & Engineering

Mike Allen serves as VP of Engineering and engages with clients directly to determine the best course of action for their IT infrastructure based on current and future requirements. Mike has an extensive technical background having worked for some of the largest carriers both domestically and Internationally. He specializes in data center, network, cloud and communications. He holds several certifications including CCNA and SSCA.

Heidi Humphreys

VP of Operations

Heidi Humphreys has been with GCG since 2008 and serves as VP of Operations. Heidi is an operations guru, responsible for many facets of the business including facilitating and leading the back office, human resources, maintaining a great work environment for employees, and financial reporting and commissions management for the company.

Bob West

VP of Marketing

Bob West, VP of Marketing, has been with GCG since 2005. Bob is responsible for creating powerful inbound digital marketing and lead generation campaigns that drive sales leads and create brand awareness. He works with executive leadership, sales, and agents on marketing strategy, branding, implementation, and tracking.

Agents & Direct Sales

Troy Connell

Account Executive

Troy Connell is a technology expert with 20+ years of industry experience working for Fortune 500 companies, both integrators and carriers, developing high-performing solutions for his clients. Troy strives to thoroughly understand the overall objectives and goals of his clients in order to provide the most targeted and cost-effective solution available.

Leslie Bonsett

Global Account Director

Leslie Bonsett, Global Account Director, has been with GCG since 2010. Leslie has worked in the networking, communications, and technology industry for 20+ years providing innovative IT solutions and overcoming obstacles for her clients. Leslie’s mission is to provide the most innovative, unbiased, flexible IT solutions and consulting services to her clients.

Chris Newell

VP of Consulting

Chris Newell is an expert in the telecommunications and technology field with 20+ years of experience. Analyzing client’s IT and telecommunications infrastructure, Chris determines future needs and delivers best-value, scalable solutions. Along with his dedicated staff, he strives to ensure highest level support and life-cycle management.

Margaret Deuschle-Munroe

Director of Account Management

Margaret brings 25 years of experience in the technology space with over a decade specializing in telecommunications. Working exclusively with Chris Newell, Senior Global Consultant of Enterprise Markets, they bring a wealth of knowledge to their clients, along with a passion for building long-term, trusted relationships and are dedicated to delivering impartial advice and ongoing service and support.

Maggie Colmes


Maggie Colmes has 15+ years of experience in administrative roles for a variety of companies including energy, financial services and law offices. Her background is in running client relations. She troubleshoot issues and find solutions quickly with a streamlined approach. Maggie is upbeat and always looking for exciting new ways to improve the quality of the office environment.

Sean Melton

Client Advisor

Sean Melton is highly knowledgeable in the realm of Information Technology (IT) solutions for businesses, enterprises, and government. He actively works with clients to determine their solution requirements and advise on the best suppliers to meet those requirements. Sean provides client relationship management, advising, and support for Chris Newell, Leslie Bonsett, and Margarte Deuschle-Munroe.

Lara Mayes

Client Support Specialist

Lara Mayes has 4+ years of experience in information technology (IT) and telecommunications. Her background includes IT recruiting, supplier relationship management, portfolio management, and contact administration. Lara assists Chris Newell and Leslie Bonsett with account and client support, analysis, billing disputes, and human resources.

Andre Corr

Global Leadership Team

Andre Core is based in Seattle, Washington. Andre is a highly experienced IT professional with a wealth of knowledge in implementing mobility, VoIP, Internet, networking, data center and cloud solutions for large business and enterprise clients. Andre focuses on delivering results through active auditing, analysis, planning and design, RFP management, and project management.

Gerald Romano

Global Technology Consultant

With over 25 years of telecommunications and technology experience, Gerald Romano is an industry veteran with proven success in helping clients solve business challenges by creating value through technology. Joining GCG in 2009 as a Senior Technology Consultant, Romano is responsible for managing carrier relationships for his clients.

Mike Lentz

Global Technical Sales Consultant

Mike Lentz has 20+ years of industry experience with a proven record of success developing creative, custom solutions for his clients. He focuses on improving business processes while maximizing return on investment and has technical knowledge and experience in networking, enterprise applications, unified communications, and managed services. Mike is married with three teenage boys, enjoys skiing and biking and watching his kids eat.

Liz Koury Pestinger

Global Account Manager

Liz Koury Pestinger joined GCG in 2011 with 15+ years’ experience in the telecommunications and IT industry.  She is very effective in providing clients with solutions that have benefited their business.  Her success formula is leveraging her industry relationships and solving problems by aligning the right solutions from GCG’s vast solution portfolio.  Liz builds long term, strategic partnerships with clients by serving as their advocate and trusted advisor.

Rowena Hilton

Global Account Director

Rowena Hilton’s ability to successfully advocate on behalf of her clients is a result of her broad financial, technical, and sales background. Her talent lies in her ability to foster long-term relationships, and she understands that her true value to her clients is her ability to function as a trusted advisor. Her skill set includes expertise in B2B sales strategies, RFP’s, contract negotiations, channel and enterprise partnerships.

Sandra Herrick

Global Account Manager

Sandra Herrick has 18+ years of experience in technology solution sales to enterprise businesses and their IT infrastructure environments. She is able to bring to the table a wide range of solutions, which include hardware, software and services. Sandra works with businesses on a wide range of services including security, cloud, data, voice, networking and managed services.​

Yogi Simms

Global Account Manager

Yogi Simms has 10+ years of broadband experience in all aspects of enterprise sales for datacenter, cloud, and telecommunication solutions. Yogi delivers solid client relationships, contract negotiation, and acts as a resource for her clients. She serves as the President of Communication Technology Professionals (CTP), a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people the Colorado community about the latest trends in technology.

Dan Engerman

Global Account Manager

Dan Engerman, Global Account Manager, is a 25+ year industry veteran providing telecommunications and IT consulting services to SMBs and global enterprises. Dan has a true understanding of information technology and an extensive background assisting clients in determining the best solutions and suppliers for their needs. Dan specializes in networking, data, VoIP, and cloud computing solutions.

Jeri McNeal

Global Solutions Specialist

Jeri McNeal has 20+ years experience in voice and data network implementation, design and account support. She strives to provide cost effective solutions with superior customer service and technical support. Jeri utilizes a proven 5 step consultative process and relationships with 100+ technology suppliers worldwide to assist clients in reducing expenses, increasing productivity, and creating value through technology.

Kathy Leiser

Global Account Executive

Kathy Leiser has 20+ years of industry experience in the realm of Information Technology (IT) for businesses, large enterprises, and government agencies. She has worked for some of the largest technology companies including AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Cisco, and Qwest/CenturyLink. Kathy focuses on providing client-centric, custom, end-to-end solutions from 100+ suppliers globally.

Sante Suffoletta

Director of Global Accounts

Sante Suffoletta specializes in building lifetime relationships with his clients. His customers see him as an open and unbiased source of information. Sante brings 18+ years in business technology and a team of veteran engineers who become an extension of your team. Whatever your business needs, He will help you solve problems and maximize your investment.

Bart Dorst

Senior Consultant

Bart Dorst is a Senior Consultant at GCG. He has been with been with GCG since 2009 and has 20+ years of industry experience in business telecommunications, voice and data, networking, cloud, call-center, hardware sales, and IT cyber-security solutions. Bart Dorst has achieved the industry’s highest sales accreditation and certifications from Qwest/CenturyLink, XO Communications, Avaya, and Cisco.

Jamie Tmmerwilke

Enterprise Solution Account Manager

With 17+ years of telecom experience, Jamie Timmerwilke has a solid understanding of various carrier offerings ranging from voice/data networking, colocation, managed security and cloud solutions to disaster recovery solutions. Having spent the majority of the 17 years working for Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), Jamie has experience managing complex projects, performing billing audit reviews, and account management.

Greg Heidenfelder

Sales Consultant

Greg Heidenfelder has 20+ years of experience as a sales professional in the networking and telecom industry.  Through that time he has worked with a wide array of customers to develop technology solutions that best meet their current and future business needs. Greg has a straight forward, “client first”, approach that has proven successful in building relationships with clients as both their consultant and trusted advisor.

Weston Williams

Account Manager

Weston (West) has been with GCG since 2015 and has 5+ years of telecom industry experience. As a Project Implementation Manager and Mobility Specialist, West works close with GCG sales teams and clients to audit invoices, request pricing, and ensures each project is maintained and flowed through properly in a detailed and timely fashion.

Bruce Miles

Project Manager

Bruce Miles has been with GCG since 2012 and has worked in the industry for 16+ years. Bruce has vast experience working with a wide range of suppliers in the areas of provisioning and the implementation of voice, data, and networking technologies. Bruce is detail oriented and provides exceptional service from the beginning to the end of every project. In his free time, Bruce likes to snowboard, travel and make people laugh.

Jenna Koenning

Project Manager

Jenna Koenning brings over seven years of telecom experience to her role as a Senior Quote Fulfillment Specialist, and has been with GCG since 2011. From roles in customer service management, telecom analysis, and project management, Jenna’s expertise and knowledge positions her perfectly to work with 100+ technology suppliers to compile the best possible outcomes for GCG’s clients.

Stephanie Tackett

Post Sales Support Specialist

Stephanie Tackett has been with GCG since 2009 and brings 20+ years of experience and expertise to GCG. As a Post Sales Support Specialist, Stephanie works with clients and suppliers to effectively resolve trouble tickets and escalate billing tickets, as well as placing orders and disconnects.  In her free time, Stephanie enjoys hanging out with her cats, reading and baking.

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